Cemetery Fees
Open/Close Full Burial(Monday - Friday completed by 4:00 pm) $900
Open/Close Full Burial(Monday - Friday completed after 4:00 pm) $1100
Open/Close Full Burial(Saturday until 1:00 pm) $1200
Open/Close Cremains $300
Open/Close Babyland (Full) $300
Disinterment(Monday - Friday until 3:00 pm) $900
Disinterment with reinterment in Flushing Cemetery $1800
Regular Cemetery Lot - city resident $750
Regular Cemetery Lot - non city resident $1500
Cremated remains in cremation section of cemetery - city resident $300
Cremated remains in cremation section of cemetery - non city resident         $600
Infant in Babyland section of cemetery $100
Foundation installation cost (per square inch) $0.45
Transfer of Cemetery Lot (purchased prior to July 1, 2015) $100
These fees have been adopted by the Flushing City Council and are effective July 1, 2017.

These fees are subject to change by action of the Flushing City Council. 

Rules for Cemetery

Section 12. Grounds Maintenance

  1. Veteran flags and flag holders shall be governed by the Veteran’s Administration rules and guidelines.
  2. No grading, leveling or excavating within a cemetery shall be allowed without the prior permission of the City Superintendent. Furthermore, no tree, shrub, landscaping or similar plantings shall occur without the prior written permission of the City Superintendent.
  3. No rose bushes of any kind shall be planted.
  4. Natural flowers will be permitted to be placed in beds not to exceed eighteen (18) inches behind the marker.  Silk flowers will also be permitted and they must be placed in a pot or container not to exceed eighteen (18) inches behind the marker.  Any items placed or planted not meeting these guidelines and without City approval will be removed by the City or the City Superintendent.
  5. The City Superintendent reserves the right to remove or trim any existing trees, plants or shrubs, whether previously approved or not, located within a cemetery in the interest of maintaining proper appearance and the use of the cemetery.
  6. Mounds, bricks, blocks and any borders that hinder the free use of a lawn mower or other gardening apparatus are prohibited.
  7. The City Superintendent shall have the right and authority to remove and dispose of any and all growth, emblems, displays, containers and other items that through decay, deterioration, damage or otherwise become or are unsightly, a source of litter or a maintenance problem.
  8. Surfaces other than earth or sod are prohibited.
  9. One (1) week prior to the time period set aside for clean-up of cemetery grave sites an advertisement will be placed in the local newspaper to advise citizens of such clean-up period. Individuals will be required to pick up any salvageable wreaths, plastic flowers or ornaments during that period.
  10. Except for markers, memorials, flowers, and urns expressly allowed by this Ordinance, and veteran flags as authorized by law, no other item (including, but not limited to, ornaments, signs, trellises, shepherds hooks, statues, benches, landscaping, bricks, stones, grave border materials or other structures) shall be installed or maintained within a City cemetery, nor shall any grading, digging, mounding or similar alteration of the ground or earth occur except as authorized by this Ordinance or by the City.

Section 18. Prohibited Uses and Activities

The following prohibitions shall apply within any City cemetery:

  1. No person shall destroy, deface, apply graffiti to or otherwise injure any monument, sign, tree or other lawful item located within a City cemetery.
  2. No person shall disturb the peace or unreasonably annoy, harass or disturb any other person who is lawfully present on the grounds of any City cemetery.
  3. No vehicles shall be permitted to drive on lawns or cemetery plots in a cemetery.
  4. There shall be no entry or presence in the cemetery by any person when the cemetery is closed or outside of authorized times.
  5. There shall be no destruction of cemetery property.
  6. There shall be no destruction, defacing, cutting, etc., of any tree or plant within a cemetery.
  7. There shall be no headstones, ornaments, vases, plastic flowers, fences, benches, trellises, statues, signs or any other item placed, kept, installed or maintained in a cemetery except those expressly allowed by this Ordinance.
  8. There shall be no disturbing of the peace or engaging in any loud or boisterous conduct.
  9. There shall be no digging, grading or mounding unless expressly authorized by this Ordinance.
  10. There shall be no driving of an automobile, truck or any vehicle on any portion of a cemetery except the designated roads or drives.
  11. There shall be no motorcycles, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, go-carts or similar vehicles.
  12. There shall be no gathering of persons in excess of 75 people without prior City approval (except during or incidental to a funeral occurring concurrent with burial).
  13. There shall be no disinterment or grave openings unless approved by the City.
  14. There shall be no possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage.
  15. There shall be no picnicking or consumption of food without prior City approval.
  16. There shall be no music, playing of any radio, or the use of any amplification device or similar item, except pursuant to a military ceremony or a funeral.
  17. There shall be no solicitation or peddling of services or goods or any signs or placards advertising any goods or services.
  18. There shall be no littering or dumping.
  19. There shall be no unlawful interference with or disruption of a lawful funeral or funeral procession.
  20. There shall be no private signs, lighting, moving displays or changeable copy on a sign.
  21. There shall be no fires, candles or open flames.
  22. No children under twelve (12) years of age shall be allowed in any City cemetery unless accompanied by an adult and are properly supervised by an adult.
  23. There shall be no exceeding of posted speed limits.
  24. There shall be no domestic animals of any kind or pets off leash allowed within the cemetery grounds. However, this prohibition shall not apply to dogs assisting handicapped persons. 
  25. No firearms or archery arrows shall be discharged or shot except that military or other veterans organizations may carry arms for the purpose of firing over the grave at the burial of a member.
  26. No person shall engage in any fight, quarrel or disturbance.
    • Cremains or ashes of a deceased person shall not be scattered or dispersed.
    • There shall be no dumping, vandalizing or tipping over of any lawful garbage container or receptacle.