Section 5.6 The City Treasurer shall have custody of all moneys of the City and all evidences of value belonging to or held in trust by the City.

The Treasurer's Office is also responsible  for the billing and collection of property taxes, which also includes subsequent distribution of those collections to the following tax units: Flushing Schools, Mott Community College, Genesee Intermediate School District, Bishop Airport, MTA, Genesee County Library, Genesee County Parks and Recreation, Genesee County operations and the City of Flushing itself.

State of Michigan Required Reports

The City of Flushing has compiled financial and performance data in the format recommended by the Michigan Department of Treasury.  That information is available here for citizens to have access to key information as identified by the State of Michigan.

The Citizens Guide is designed to show 1. where the City of Flushing obtains funding for general operations, 2. summarize where funds are expended, 3. the overall financial position for the city and 4. a summary of the debt obligations encumbered by the city.

The Performance Dashboard is designed to summarize several quality of life issues, such as financial stability, economic strength, public safety, and other public services.

The Debt Services Report is a summary of each debt obligation the city has and identifies the future balance of those obligations.

The Projected Budget Report is designed to give a projection of the revenues and expenditures for the general operations of the city for the next fiscal year.

The MI Community Financial Dashboard is provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury using date the City of Flushing submit via its Annual Local Unit Fiscal Report (F65). Click on the link to visit the website with more information about the City of Flushing's fiscal health:
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State of Michigan Required Reports11 documents

  • OPEB System Annual Report 2020 - City of Flushing
  • Retirement System Annual Report 2020 - City of Flushing
  • Retiree Healthcare System Annual Report 2019 - City of Flushing
  • Retirement System Annual Report 2019 - City of Flushing
  • Retirement System Annual Report 2018 - City of Flushing
  • Retirement System Annual Report 2017 - City of Flushing
  • Retirement System Annual Report 2016
  • 2022 -Performance Dashboard
  • Debt Services Report 2022
  • Projected Budget Report 2022
  • 2022 FY Final Audit