Police Reports

Police reports can be obtained at the police department during normal business hours by persons who are a party involved in the incident, .  The cost for a police report is $5.00.  Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, some information may be removed or redacted, prior to the report being released.   Persons not involved in the incident must file a request for reports through the City Clerk pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

Crash reports may also be purchased via the Internet at paypoliceticket.com and following the TCPS icon or the Traffic Crash Purchasing System link. 

Gun Registration

To apply, you must:

  • Be a resident of the City of Flushing and 18 years of age or older, as verified by a Michigan driver license or Michigan identification card, to purchase from a private party or family member. You must be 21 years old to purchase from a federal firearms dealer.
  • Be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident of this state, or a registered legal alien.
  • Not be prohibited from possessing, using, transporting, selling, purchasing, carrying, shipping, receiving, or distributing a firearm under section 224f of the Michigan penal code, Act No. 238 of the Public Acts of 1931, being section 750.224f of the Michigan Compiled Laws; and have not been convicted of domestic violence.
  • Not have been adjudged insane in this state or elsewhere unless you have been adjudged restored to sanity by a court order;
  • Not under an order of involuntary commitment in an inpatient or outpatient setting due to mental illness;
  • Not have been adjudged legally incapacitated in this state or elsewhere. This subdivision does not apply to a person who has his or her legal capacity restored by order of the court.

Purchase Permits

A Purchase Permit is a license required prior to acquisition of a pistol by purchase or gift from a private party or family member. The application process for all qualified applicants requires the completion of a notarized form supplied by this department and the completion of a background check.

A Purchase Permit is NOT required for individuals purchasing a gun from a registered firearm dealer or who possess a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License.  If you purchase a firearm from a dealer, they will conduct a background check and issue the permit. If you have a MCPL you must complete a Michigan State Police Pistol Sales Record Form (RI-60).  The Pistol Sales Record Form can be obtained at the Flushing Police Department or online at: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/ri-060_6454_7.pdf 

Qualified applicants must obtain a Purchase Permit from this department. This permit is a three part form and each part must be completed as required. You may take as many as five (5) permits at one time. All forms must be typed or legibly printed in ink.

The Permit to Purchase must be used to purchase a pistol within 30 days. Since all Purchase Permits are strictly accounted for and issued to you, all unused permit forms must be returned to this department whether used or not. It is permissible to mail them back.

If the purchase is to be made from a private person (not a licensed Federal Firearm Dealer), you must have the seller complete his/her portion of the permit including the date of sale. If his/her signature is unreadable, have them legibly print his/her name directly below. You will keep one part of the three part form, give one part to the seller and then return the remaining one here. If you intend to purchase the gun from a Personal Representative of an estate, or will receive the gun in any other manner other than a direct sale, contact our Records personnel for specific instructions.

After the sale, return the Michigan State Police portion of the Permit to Purchase to the Flushing Police Department.

You may transport the gun from the place of purchase to your home, place of business, to a place of repair or to this department (within 10 days of purchase) only if the pistol is unloaded, in a wrapper or container, and in the trunk of a vehicle. If you have questions on the legality of transporting firearms of any kind, contact any police agency prior to moving them. 

Gun Registrations

Michigan law requires that all pistols be properly registered. A Purchase Permit must be completed completed within 30 days of the sale.  Inspection of handguns is no longer required as a part of the registration process.  Persons applying for a purchase permit are encouraged to make sure that model and serial numbers are recorded accurately on the registration forms.  Information will be submitted to the State of Michigan the way it is presented to the Flushing Police Department.

Concealed Weapon Application Packets

Residents of Michigan are generally required to obtain a Concealed Weapons License for carrying a concealed pistol on their person or for transporting a pistol loaded or unloaded in a motor vehicle. This entire process may take as much as 90 days to complete.

  • Pick up application kit at police department.
  • Complete application.
  • Complete required firearms training.
  • Take completed application, firearms training certificate, and required monies to Genesee County Clerk’s Office for processing and the Genesee County Sheriff's Department for fingerprinting.