Due to the tremendous health and fire hazard and unsightliness of overgrown weeds, the City of Flushing advises property owners to familiarize themselves with the City’s Noxious Weeds and Refuse Ordinance Chapter 96, as amended and reminds property owners, that they are fully responsible to keep their property mowed and maintained to a length of not more than six (6) inches.  Should the city receive a complaint after publication of this notice that a property owner has not fulfilled their obligation to keep the weeds and grass under control, the City will cut the weeds and grass without further notice to the property owner and bill the property owner at the rate stipulated in Ordinance Chapter 96, as amended.

1164032Full copies of this Ordinance is available for review on our website www.flushingcity.com or from the City Clerk at 725 E. Main Street, Flushing during regular business hours.

Michelle King, Flushing City Clerk
Published April 1, 2022