Due to the tremendous health hazard caused by snow and ice accumulation on sidewalks, the City of Flushing advises property owners to familiarize themselves with the City’s Sidewalk Clearing Ordinance No 99.43 and reminds property owners, that they are fully responsible to keep sidewalks on their property cleared of snow and ice accumulations and other obstructions whenever any snow or ice has fallen or accumulated, it shall be cleared within 24 hours after it has fallen.

If the owner fails to remove snow and ice the City of Flushing may cause the sidewalk to be cleared of the snow and ice at the owners expense without further notice to the property owner and the amount of all expenses incurred will be billed to the property owner and, if not paid, placed on the summer property taxes as a special assessment upon your property.

A full copy of this Ordinance is available for review on our website or from the City Clerk at 725 E. Main Street, Flushing during regular business hours.

Monica Zofchak
City Clerk