Riverview Park

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Join with the Rotary Club of Flushing to leave a lifetime legacy in Riverview Park by sponsoring a seat at the band shell.

Riverview Park (7.4 Acres) provides outside facility, the Bandshell, picnic facilities, the Playscape, an old tennis court and basketball court. The park is naturally appealing being located on the Flint River and is attractively landscaped. Its especially well located to serve the oldest part of town and is connected to the downtown area by the Bicentennial Walkway, which was built by the community as its Bicentennial Project. Parking is very adequate.

Flint River Canoeing Access Map (provided by the Flint River Watershed Coalition)

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Mutton Park

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Online Community Survey Results regarding proposed park improvements - July 2015

Mutton Park (3.5 acres) is well located and is within a residential area. The area can be heavily saturated especially when league ball games are played on the  baseball field. The park features a used basketball court. A limited amount of playground equipment is available, along with a few picnic tables. Parking is limited. 

Waterworks Park

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Waterworks Park (4.0 acres) consists of an unlighted softball diamond built on the site of the city's elevated water tower. There no other facilities available at the site. Parking space is available.  

Eastview Park

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Eastview Veterans' Memorial Park (14.4 acres) features a softball field built by the Lions Club, the Frank and Maxine McCarty Baseball complex, horseshoe pits and pavilion. A small group of playground equipment and picnic tables are available. Parking is plentiful.

Cornwell Park

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Cornwell Park (.2 acres) is a small downtown area park on a lot measuring approximately 66 by 132 (former bank site). It is nicely landscaped and contains benches for sitting and is quite well used for that purpose. There is no room for any active recreation and parking. 

Somerset Park

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Somerset Park is an undeveloped piece of city owned land on the east side of Seymour Road astride Cole Creek near the southern city limits. This park generally serves as a passive, open space area. This park is home to the city's newest trail..Creekview Trail.

Bonnie View Court

Bonnie View 3  BonnieView 1  Bonnie View 2

Bonnie View Court is located at the intersection of Chestnut Street and Coutant Street.

River Road Park

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River Road Park (4.6 acres) is a small, partial park in a heavily wooded area on River Road. It contains a small soccer field and basketball court, a few pieces of playground equipment and picnic tables. There is adequate parking.

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