2023 Rubbish and Recycling Calendar

Waste / Yard Waste Removal

As of July 1, 2022, the City of Flushing will begin a contract with Waste Management (1 (866)909-4458) for weekly garbage removal and several other waste services. The service includes bi-weekly recycling pickup for residents, yard waste removal in the Summer/Fall, dumpsters supplied for special events and pickup in the Central Business District. Dump passes are available to city residents at City Hall, 725 East Main Street.

Scheduled pickups are as follows:

If you live south of the Flint River, your pickup date is on Monday.
If you live north of the Flint River, your pickup date is on Tuesday.
The schedule is adjusted if a holiday falls on either day. If the holiday falls on a Monday, both pickups are delayed by one day. If the holiday falls on a Tuesday, that pickup is delayed by one day.

Waste Management USA recognizes the following dates as holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Independence Day
  • Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a weekend, the pickup date is not changed.



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recycle flyer 1 - CopyBrush Pick Up

Brush Chipping Service

Note: Weekly brush chipping appointments may be scheduled for each Wednesday, year round. The department schedules up to thirty (30) appointments each Wednesday, therefore, this service is provided on a first come, first served basis. If the schedule is full for one Wednesday, you will be placed on the following week's schedule.

Everything must be placed at the curb by 7:30 a.m., all cut ends pointed towards the road, nothing larger than four inches (4") in diameter and no stringy vines, thorns, or roots. Also, appointments are limited to fifteen (15) minutes of chipping.
To schedule a pickup for chipping branches, please call (810) 659-3130.

2023 Fall Leaf Pick Up
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Residents can start raking leaves to the curb Monday, October 16th.  Pick-up will begin Monday, October 16th.  NO leaves should be put out after December 1st.  There is no route schedule available! When the trucks arrive at your street, and how many times they come around depends upon weather, quantity of leaves, staffing, and other emergency issues that may arise (water main breaks, sewer back-ups, snow fall, etc).  Neither DPW nor office staff can predict when a truck will be around to specific neighborhoods.  

Live Christmas Trees can be disposed of in the following ways:
1.  Waste Management will pick them up at the curb through the second week of January 2023 (January 9&10)
2.  If the tree is less than 4 inches in diameter, you may call city hall to request it be placed on the chipping list
3.  There will be a tree drop off location in Riverview Park where you may take the tree.  It will be indicated by a sign in the parking lot at the dead end of South Cherry Street. 
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